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Trooper: Through the Göta Canal and beyond

Some Doggersbanks traverse the treacherous Northwest Passage. Others head to the iceberg-flanked passageways of Antarctica. But in 2022, the 27m Moonen-built Trooper, captained by Darren Monk, chose to navigate Sweden’s infamous Göta Canal.

Often referred to as Sweden's Blue Ribbon it forms part of a 390km long waterway that links up lakes and rivers to provide a route between the city of Gothenburg and the Baltic Sea. Its tight channels can prove problematic for the smallest of pleasure boats. In a yacht that pushes the perimeters of the narrow canals, 58 locks and 65 bridges, it’s a nail-biting test of skill and judgement that rewards with immeasurable scenic beauty.

With no contingency plan if the yacht became stuck, the focus was on getting through a day at a time. Monk credits the Doggersbank design for its suitability in all scenarios, from blue water cruising in Portugal and Gibraltar (where Trooper cruised this year) to its easy handling in the trickiest of tight spaces, especially with a shallow draft.

This article has been written by Julia Zaltzman, in close collaboration with captain Monk and the owner.


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