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Doggersbank: A brand reignited

Small yet mighty with durability at its core, the legend of Vripack’s Doggersbank continues to grow.

The rugged explorer has excited adventure-seeking owners around the world since the day Vripack founder Dick Boon conceived the design in 1968. Sitting comfortably in today’s coveted 20m to 30m size range, the well-engineered Doggersbank 66, 76, 86 and 96 models possess cross-generational appeal, large interior volume and full-displacement stability. Ticking all the boxes for today’s adventure-hungry owners, the Doggersbank brand is enjoying a new lease of life.


The pocket-sized explorer’s robust pedigree derives from its design characteristics. A high bow for traversing rough waters. Autonomy at sea for long-distance exploration. And unrivalled onboard comfort.

More than 750 models have been built to date, and the list keeps on growing. Each one serves as a seafaring ambassador for Dutch quality and Vripack’s precision naval architecture.

Legendary Doggersbank

In the past couple of years there has been a growing interest around the world for the Doggersbank model. Buoyed by the success of its 60-year history, the legendary Doggersbank is enjoying a new lease of life, supported by a newly launched rebrand and website to showcase its heritage.

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